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The All-Time Best New Balance 9060 Shoe



New Balance’s new model The 9060 was designed by Chinese designer Yue wu, who is also responsible for the renowned Protection Pack. It is inspired by the nostalgic history of the 99x line. It revives the original suede and mesh construction by combining it with a sole using Abzorb and SBS technologies. Its uniqueness stems from its aerodynamic appearance, which distinguishes it from the rest of the New Balance 990 range.

New Balance 9060

The 9060 is a fresh representation of the refined elegance and innovative design that have given the 99X series home to some of fresh Balance’s most legendary models. The 9060 reinterprets iconic 99X components with a distorted sensibility inspired by the unabashedly futuristic, visible tech design of the Y2K era. Sway bars from the 990 are extended and used across the upper to create a sensation of visible motion, while wavy patterns and scaled up proportions atop a sculpted pod midsole highlight the classic cushioning platforms of ABZORB and SBS. With a raised arch and slimmed-down details, this one feels the most contemporary. It’s constructed of suede, mesh, and leather.

Is the New Balance 9060 made of pig skin?

The shoes were inspired by the designer’s personal summer recollections. The top body is constructed of space double grids and frosted uppers, with soft and pleasant sea salt and blue tones, and the summer atmosphere is abundant. The shoe body is covered in a vast area of mesh and suede materials, preserving the traditional temperament. The upper foot, which is constructed of foam polyester and is equipped with ABZORB shock absorber technology, can effectively lessen the impact on the body and legs bounced by the sole.

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The Ultimate New Balance 9060 Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the design of the 9060?

Taking inspiration from the 990 series and the fast speed of 2000s running shoes like the 880v2. The 9060 is inspired by a variety of sources.

When was the 9060 originally available?

On July 16, 2022, the New Balance 9060 was originally introduced in a ‘Mindful Grey’ colorway. The sneaker was made available in New Balance stores in Australia, the United States, and across the world.

What does the New Balance 9060 look like?

The New Balance 9060 is a true to size shoe. You should order your normal shoe size. Unlike some other New Balance models, it is not as slim as some other types because to its thick construction. So there’s no need to size up.

How should the 9060 be laced?

You can always tie it whatever you like. However, to achieve the greatest look, lace the shoe without lushes and relatively broad, so the laces aren’t too lengthy.

What 9060 hues are available?

The New Balance 9060 is available in a variety of colours.

Is the 9060 a comfy sneaker?

New Balance places a high priority on comfort. The New Balance 9060 is, without a question, a comfy sneaker.

How should I dress the 9060?

The New Balance 9060 is a large but attractive sneaker. For regular use, pair the shoe with some good baggy jeans or cargos, or take it to the gym with some sweatpants. Wear your shoes with a great pair of pants for a more sophisticated look. With the NB 9060, the possibilities are limitless.

Where can I get my hands on a New Balance 9060?

The New Balance 9060 is available at a variety of shoe stores. You may always use our shoe search engine to get a list of retailers.

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