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The ideal wide leg jeans style



wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans, often known as baggy trousers, were a fashionable type of apparel from the beginning of the 1980s through the beginning of the 2010s. JNCO (“Judge None Choose One”) of Los Angeles is the originator of the iconic brand of wide-leg “hip-hop” jeans, while other youth- and ethnic-focused apparel firms also produce them.

Wide-leg trousers can provide people with larger hips or thighs with a more balanced appearance since they are more relaxed and comfortable. They are a wonderful option for people who wish to balance out an upper body that is proportionally smaller since they may increase the volume of the lower body. If you have short legs, a wide leg with a high rise or waistline will lengthen the leg.

Do wide-leg jeans still have a following?


Trends that endure are what we’re all about. Wide-leg denim is a current favorite, but the nice wide-leg pant is always stylish. Try them extremely long and floor-grazing with platform shoes, or wear them slightly cropped with a playful boot.

The Top 5 Wide-Leg Jeans for Your Denim Collection

1. Levi’s High Flare Jeans from the 1970

The Levi’s 70s Flare Wide Leg Jeans are a kind of denim that pays homage to 1970s design trends. The wide flare leg and retro-inspired style of these jeans define them.

2. Wide-Leg Warp + Weft Jean

Anyone who has been looking for new jeans has come across Warp + Weft while doing their research. The brand is among the most sustainable in the sector and is best recognized for selling sizes 00 through 24. The label has decreased the typical 1,800 gallons of water used to make a pair of jeans to less than 10 gallons. Their NCE design is smooth and airy in this instance, making them a good purchase for summer.

3. Wilder High Rise Wide Leg Jeans by Reformation

Another company dedicated to reducing environmental waste is Reformation. All of their jeans, including this fan favorite, are created without the use of hazardous chemicals and with only 1/3 the usual quantity of water and cotton. One of Reformation’s well-known denim designs is the Wilder High Rise Wide Leg Jeans. Reformation is a sustainable clothing company.

4. Horseshoe Jeans by Citizens of Humanity

Introducing the Horseshoe pants from Citizens of Humanity, the season’s most daring wide-leg design. These have a very oversized barrel leg and a loose fit, as can be seen (quite well) in the image below. We assure you that they go well with almost anything.

5. Parson Wash Madewell Superwide-Leg Jeans

This largest wide leg jeans Madewell has ever produced is appropriately called. It’s safe to assume that this new SS23 design is on its way to being a big seller based on the fact that 865 pairs have been put into the basket in the previous 7 days (according to Madewell’s website).

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